Real film buffs are always on the lookout for places to enjoy all sorts of movies, from critically-acclaimed blockbusters with a special touch, to hard-to find independent or low-budget gems. Here are the top 5 cinematic experiences to be enjoyed here in the city.

Cine Tonalá

Arriving from Mexico four years ago, this cinematic offering combines a cultural experience with gastronomy in a unique venue. The films which are screened place a deserved emphasis on local directors, giving weight to Colombian cinema. This large house has become a cultural hub, bringing people together around screenings and special film seasons, as well as theater, exhibitions (the venue is also home to a gallery), parties and concerts, all accompanied by a varied selection of Mexican food, with vegetarian options and cocktails available too.

Zona Centro, La Merced, Carrera 6 No. 35-37
(+57 1) 479 8687 (+57) 319 272 5548


Cinema Paraíso

Considered to be the city’s foremost independent movie theater, this venue was set up in 1998 in the iconic Usaquén neighborhood. While the exterior preserves the architectural charm of the area, inside visitors will find four modern cinemas with digital projection and Dolby 7.1 sound. This multi-functional space, which includes a café-bar, is also used for events and a variety of activities. Get comfortable in cozy chairs and enjoy the latest screenings.

Zona Norte, Usaquén, Calle 120A No. 5 – 69
(+57 1) 755 9646 / 215 5311 / 213 3756 / 215 5316



Born in 2001 with the aim of promoting and spreading audiovisual arts, this space is ideal for discussing and analyzing the creations of the silver screen, with four movie theaters, a separate video conference room and a café. The venue is used for cinematic and cultural events as well as screenings of movies which somehow reflect a different, less commercial style of cinema, making it the perfect spot for enjoying films from a different perspective. You can also take part in courses, workshops and forums.

Parque de la 93, Calle 93B No. 13-29
(+57 1) 621 0122

Cinemateca Distrital

This governmental institution seeks to preserve cinematic heritage, from the great cultural audiovisual works and latest in world cinema to experimental projects, community movies and alternative cinema produced in Bogotá’s working-class neighborhoods and streets around the world. The Cinemateca also investigates Colombia’s audiovisual heritage, brings together the public, supports the local industry, offers grants and scholarships and, of course, puts on a fantastic selection of movies. Take a look at its listings and you are sure to find an interesting short or screening by a renowned director.

Zona Centro, Carrera 7 No. 22-79
(+57 1) 379 5750 Ext. 3401

Your favorite films in high-res

Imax, or 4K, technology isn’t just for TVs, but is also used for movie theaters, with an image standard of 4,000 pixels of horizontal resolution. In other words, it is a video and cinematic projection format which projects images with a greater level of resolution, quality, sharpness, definition, color depth and more frames per second. The main difference with Full HD is the pixel density; that is to say that it offers more detail in every image.
To see movies projected in this format in Bogotá, head to Procinal in the Avenida de Las Américas Mall, or the Cinépolis theaters in the Plaza Claro, Calima and Hayuelos malls.

Zona Salitre y El Dorado
C.C Avenida de Las Américas, Carrera 71D No. 6-94 Sur
C.C Plaza Claro, Avenida Esperanza, Carrera 68
C.C Calima, Avenida Carrera 30 No. 19
C.C Hayuelos, Calle 20 No. 82-52