Openings and recommendations in Bogotá

Good weather, great plans
We ring in the new year with sun-soaked days that make us fall further in love with Bogotá. Make the most of every inch of the city and take advantage of the glorious weather with our recommended plans, which will give you an insight into the capital’s history and culture.

Brunch at La Cesta

Set aside a Sunday morning – or any morning in fact – to feast on this delectable breakfast and lunch offering. Be sure to take to the terrace with your pet in tow, and don’t miss the regional specialty, calentado, ideal with a cup of world-renowned Colombian coffee and the famed freshly-baked bread basket. Brunch is served daily, so you can enjoy it when you like, as often as you like. Our pick are the Serrano eggs in Paipa cheese sauce.

Zona Rosa, Calle 81 No. 8-70
(+57 1) 467 4944

Zona Norte, Calle 109 No. 16-65
(+57 1) 704 5539


A bike tour around La Candelaria

Taking a bike ride around the world’s cities is all the rage at the moment, and Bogotá is no exception. Spend a leisurely day getting to know the city’s colonial architecture, its churches, monuments, squares, parks, hotels, hostels, theaters and museums, all bursting with anecdotes for you. Most of the tours, such as Bogotá Bike Tours, include a bilingual guide who will share information about the city’s culture and history; you’ll also get the chance to sample some local fruits and get acquainted with this traditional neighborhood’s nightlife options. This is a fun and environmentally friendly way to explore the capital’s historic center.

Graffiti tours, urban art at touching distance

For a few years now, the graffiti on Bogotá’s streets has become renowned as an artistic and cultural commentary, much loved by locals and foreigners alike. The city’s grey walls and murals were given new life by talented hands who sought to create a space where they could share their view of the current reality of the city. Since 2011, Bogotá Graffiti Tour has been offering an authentic urban experience, showing visitors another side of the city.

Picnic in Parque El Virrey

One of the city’s most well looked after green spaces, the Parque El Virrey is a hub for sport, culture, social (and canine) activity. Set aside some time on the weekend to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner outdoors, whether it’s with your own blanket, food and drink, or at the hands of Canasto Picnic Bistro’s picnic services – just head to their website, pick your dishes, book a date and head to the restaurant to pick up your basket and blanket. Shake up your routine and feast on sandwiches, burgers, bowls, health drinks and desserts.

Parque El Virrey, Calle 88 No. 13A-51
(+57 1) 300 1184


A train ride through the savannah

A unique experience which takes you through the city and surrounding towns to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and explore the history of what was Colombia’s most important mode of transport from the first half of the 20th century to the end of the 70’s. This classic train ride sets off from the Sabana station, although you can also board at the train station in Usaquén. The next stop is La Caro, followed by the towns of Cajicá and Zipaquirá, with the train arriving back in Bogotá at 5:30pm in the afternoon. You can buy your tickets online or at the stations.