This spectacular boutique hotel’s restaurant, which specializes in creative vegetarian cuisine, presents four new and unique dishes which are sure to delight your taste buds. Try the mouthwatering purple corn cookie, with vegan mozzarella and cauliflower cream, crystallized pimientos, sunflower seeds, olives, pimiento oil and parsley ash.

Fans of beets will enjoy the smoked, glazed offering, served atop amaranth with tamarillo BBQ sauce, paipa cheese sauce, corn sauce, and covered with rocket.

Another of the new recipes is the stripped, grilled watermelon, stuffed with almond and oregano ricotta. It’s served with cilantro pesto, a red wine reduction, yucca and herb gnocchi and edible flowers.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is the grape cheesecake with vegan cheese, hibiscus powder, edible flowers and a caramel tile. Save some space to enjoy this delicacy.

Zona G, Chapinero Alto,  Calle 64 No. 3A-29

(+57 1) 309 9633