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Flowers and more flowers for Medellín

Under the slogan “Medellín loves you”, the capital of Antioquia will celebrate this year’s Flower Festival between August 2 and 11. Puerto Rican singer Gilberto Santa Rosa will be kicking off the 10 days of celebration when locals and tourists will be able to enjoy events like the Parade of Classic and Antique Cars, the exhibition of Orchids, Flowers and Crafts, the Parade of Chivas and Flowers. The floral festivities will culminate in the traditional Silleteros Parade, which will close the fair on Sunday, August 11.

One of the key places to visit during the festival is La Plaza de las Flores, where you can find all things paisa: food, crafts, music, theater, trova and much more.

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Petronio Festival is back

47 musical groups of the Colombian Pacific were selected to be part of the twenty-third Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival. The jury traveled about 4.000 kilometers by air, land and sea to listen to a total of 157 groups. They finally chose 14 groups to perform in the category of Marimba Ensemble and Traditional Songs, 10 to perform Chirimía Ensemble, 10 for Caucano Violin, 10 to play free-style and three more for Chirimía Flute Ensemble.

There will be plenty of music, food and the everything from the Afro-Colombian tradition –  this is a chance to experience the most important afro festival in Latin America.

The festival will take place in Cali from August 14 to 19.

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