Great Escapes close to the Capital

Take the opportunity to discover the beautiful destinations, just a few hours from Bogotá, with a lush offering for tourists. ProColombia presents five must-see places near the city full of culture, nature and adventure.

Natural wonders
There are several rock formations in Suesca that serve as a beautiful backdrop for adventurous activities like climbing in Las Rocas, discovering the monoliths, or trudging through the Cañón de la Lechuza, a.k.a. Owl Canyon.

Oasis of chill
Entremonte is a hotel and spa – right in the mid- dle of nature – specializing in the best relaxation treatments to provide you everything you need for a most refreshing stay. With massages, masks, yoga, nature walks, and even bike rides, visitors are in for a complete wellness experience.

Doe, a deer
La Calera is one of the municipalities with an entrance to Parque Nacional Natural Chingaza, a 76,600-hectares ‘paramo’, which protects endangered species like the spectacled bear, the tapir and white-tailed deer. Go hiking and uncover all the wild flora and fauna.

Under the ground
The Salt Cathedral, or la Catedral de Sal, in Zipaquirá is a Colombian treasure. A glittering cathedral, constructed 180 meters underground in a salt mine. Be dazzled by its play of light and carvings of the Way of the Cross, a dome and naves.

Colonial gem
Villa de Leyva, a national heritage village founded in 1572, is a picture-perfect example of colonial architecture and home to cultural festivals. Tour the vineyards, go by horseback around Pozos Azules in the dessert and stop by the iconic Museo El Fósil and Claustro San Agustín.