Lure City Guide invites you to make the most of our fantastic city, with plenty of up-to-date and practical information to help you get to know Bogotá at your own pace and with your particular tastes in mind. Make your journey yours by picking the plans and activities that most suit your style of trip, from culture and entertainment to the best in gastronomy, fashion and design. And don’t miss the chance to escape from the city for a day to get familiar with all that the city’s outskirts have to offer. The guide is helpfully divided into different neighborhoods – Centro, Zona G and Quinta Camacho, Zona Rosa, Parque El Virrey, Parque de la 93, Zona Norte, Salitre and El Dorado – so that you can maximize the time you have in Bogotá.

Each section provides you with useful information, the latest openings, detailed maps which highlight the area’s main attractions and some stunning photographs to show off the most enchanting facets of the city. In the seventh edition of this essential luxury guide you’ll find a special design section, in which some of the country’s most renowned names in the fashion and design world share their unique collections. Here at Lure, we aim to provide you with all that you need to enjoy a pleasurable stay in the city and take home a bagful of enchanting memories and unforgettable experiences.

So, without further ado, ‘bienvenido’ to our new edition of Lure City Guide Bogotá.