Fashion Style & Beauty Talks

As new practices and alliances arise, our first Fashion Style & Beauty Talks took place on April 8 – offering a chance to share different experiences with our Lure friends.

The event took place at La Casa de Amelia, a women-only modern and urban space filled with exquisitely chic curated salons. The guests enjoyed the pleasant company of the top Colombian designer Olga Piedrahita and her daughter Danielle Lafaurie, who shared the essence of the brand, the history that is hidden in each design and the experiences they relate through their creations.

Amidst chocolate, vanilla and macaronsHotel Sofitel Bogotá Victoria Regia thrilled all invites with exquisite flavors in the French style. Blind shared with us special tips and make up suggestions for an everyday fresh look. And the La Manicurista app finished things off with a special moment dedicated to the hand care of all the guests.

Thanks for sharing this fashion and beauty experience with us.