Office towers and business centers, suits bustling the streets; beyond that are leafy, suburban neighborhoods. It all starts at Calle 100, at the World Trade Center and a few blocks from there, heading north along the Carrera Séptima, is the charming Usaquén. The metropolis surrounds this picture-postcard village with its narrow, cobbled streets on which artisans sell their crafts: jewelry, paintings, charcoal drawings.

Along that same Carrera Séptima you’ll come across Hacienda Santa Bárbara, a shopping center that is (as the name implies) housed in an hacienda so spectacular that it’s been declared a national monument. And if you keep going even more in that same direction, and down to the Carrera 15, you’ll find large residential compounds and shopping centers such as Santa Ana and Unicentro (the oldest of the city), where you can go on a retail therapy spree for hours.