The impressive modern main road that connects one of Latin America’s most state-of-the-art airports to the Colombian capital, the Avenida El Dorado, is surrounded by a playground of upmarket hotel chains, stylish residential and office buildings and plenty of greenery. Here you’ll find the Gran Estación shopping mall, the entertaining Salitre Mágico theme park, the Maloka interactive science park and the city’s monumental Simón Bolívar park.

You’ll be blown away by the variety of culinary options and recreational areas which confirm Bogotá’s reputation as one of ‘the’ most important capitals of South America. Set just to the west of the city center, this neighborhood – which was part of the urban development plan in the 1990s – took its name from the El Salitre estate which occupied the area between Avenida El Dorado and Calle 22, and between Carrera 50 and Avenida Boyacá.