Appreciate the city at its best. The essence of its origins, the flavors and the cultural wealth can all be explored and experienced through your five senses, so stop by these iconic spots that you cannot miss for the world.

For the best view of Bogotá, climb up and stand atop the holy hill. Visit the sanctuary, enjoy the natural surroundings, and try the restaurants’ delicious dishes – all at 3,152 meters above sea level.

Gold Museum
This museum is a cultural emblem of the country. The large collection of pre-Columbian gold and metallurgy are carefully preserved in gilded halls that exhibit some 34,000 treasures.

Andrés Carne de Res
The carnivalesque atmosphere and décor of one of the most famous restaurants in the country has helped to establish itself at ‘the’ place for a good fiesta. Perfect for those who want to dance with a huge mojito in hand (and try the ‘patacones’ too).

Botanical Garden
Save the date and head to the botanical garden on the last Friday of every month for the night tour, gastronomical offerings, cultural and academic activities. On all other days, marvel in the floral conservation and appreciate the unique biodiversity.

The Market
Sundays and national holidays are when this flea market in Usaquén has everything on offer for you to admire and take home. In addition to a wide range of artisanal crafts, clothes, leather goods and antiques, it’s an artistic and cultural occasion.

Parque Nacional
With its extensive grounds, fountains and monuments, the National Park has served as a central meeting point for culture and sports since 1934. It’s also famed for its refreshing, fruity ‘salpicón’ and roasted, big-kernelled corn on the cob.

La Candelaria
Breathe in the Bohemia, culture and magic as you walk through this steep section that holds the history of the city; along the narrow streets, past the towering churches and colonial mansions that now house important museums.

Tropical fruits
Dragon fruit, ‘lulo’, ‘feijoa’, ‘curuba’, ‘uchuva’, purple mangosteen…the list of colorful tropical fruit that this country holds goes on and on. You’ve probably never even heard of many of these before, so head to a market, green grocer or street vendor and discover the surprising wealth of variety that there is.

Other countries have fallen suit with this much-loved initiative: on Sundays and national holidays, from 7am to 2pm, some of the city’s main streets give way to sports and recreation, transformed into ‘Ciclovía’.