Before the year ends, schedule a date with the new openings in Bogotá. Visit your new favorite Vietnamese restaurant, the most delicious southern U.S.A inspired fried chicken, a new concept fashion house and a new chic sports online brand.

This new, elegant sporting clothes brand is built on the cosmopolitan lifestyle of glamorous and versatile women. The name is inspired by that biochemical push your body gets in order to help you reach new levels of energy to meet our demanding lifestyles. Comfortable, chic tops and trousers in elegant colors, light and novel materials, with flattering cuts, geometric sophistication and feminine minimalism. What are you waiting for? Visit the website, fall in love with the garments and make your purchase online.


Têt Taberna Vietnamita, now on Calle 85
You are probably already familiar with Quinta Camacho’s Têt, which now offers diners a new location in which to sample your favorite maki, with grated shrimp, kanikama and avocado.
Head to Calle 85 with Carrera 16A to enjoy the casual, unpretentious dining concept, where good service and great cuisine are the order of the day, with the flavors of Vietnam and Asia shining through.
As well as the pink salmon dumplings, shrimp har gao, spicy vegetable gyozas, steamed coconut milk baos and famed curry – with personalized spiciness level – you can also sample a delicious sushi menu from Canoa (a restaurant from the same group). Our top recommendations are the ceviche sushi and the specialty that’s on everyone’s lips: the Misoyaki mussels.
So there you have it: not only do you have the best Vietnamese offering in Bogotá located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods, you can also find the best sushi in the same spot.
Zona Rosa, Calle 85 No. 16A-40
(+57) 320 499 0992

Springing up on the Calle de los Anticuarios (Antiques Street) is a new space which aims to promote and showcase new offerings from talented, emerging Colombian designers.
Casablanca has a bit of everything, from chocolates and home décor items to men and women’s fashion, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories. It is home to 12 designers, including Mapliano, Sabandija, Del Pacífico, Loma Chocolates and Eventos en Papel.
If you’re visiting Bogotá for the first time, or even if you’re a regular, Casablanca brings together a whole host of new and interesting options under one roof, allowing you to be part of Bogotá’s burgeoning design movement by picking up a unique item to suit your style.
Pop in to the the Christmas Event from Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 to enjoy a 10% discount on selected brands during extended hours which run from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Calle de los Anticuarios, Calle 79B No. 7-60

Café Azahar
The Azahar cafés, set in the Parque de la 93 and San Felipe, have been surprising us for years with their unique way of adapting to a particular area.
Now it’s the turn of the historic La Candelaria neighborhood, home to the latest café, set in an old colonial house, bursting with a colorful atmosphere and hiding within it an interior lit patio, surrounded by lush vegetation. The décor and design was inspired by popular Antioquia culture, with wood and jute finishes, among other natural materials.
As coffee is the key ingredient, you will always find at least three unique coffees on the menu, from single-producer micro-batches to regional blends. You can also acquire the coffee beans (340 gram bags) to take home or give to family and friends.
Just as in Azahar’s other two cafés, here you can enjoy all-day breakfasts (highlights include the avocado toast, paisa crumble, sweet corn arepa and the acai bowl). Stop by for lunch to enjoy the hamburger, pork loin, quinoa, lentil and chicken salads, and a number of vegetarian options.
Café Azahar serves delicious coffee of the finest quality, with the added bonus that, with every cup you buy, you are supporting the economic sustainability of the coffee growers they work with.

Centro, La Candelaria, Carrera 3 No. 12B-60
+57 1 743 6453

Dixie Chicken House

Fried chicken fans need to hear this – the juiciest chicken is now in town, served up by Dixie Chicken House, a new concept inspired by the culture of the Deep South, where fried chicken is king. This new culinary offering gives you the opportunity to please your palate with delicious chicken at affordable prices.

As well as fried chicken burgers, the menu also includes the classic Chicken Basket, served with a huge variety of sauces. Don’t miss the Sam Hill breaded chicken burger with melted cheese, bacon and pickles; or the famed Buffalo Dixie, breaded chicken with buffalo sauce ad coleslaw.

Zona Norte, Carrera 14 No. 97-48