Work It
Its grassy areas, equipment and 1,2 kilometers-worth of paths make this park great for getting physical. You’ll mostly see joggers and bikers but capoeira and gym clubs get together to exercise out in the open air too.

Urban Plaza
Art, design, fine dining and hotels are all within this innovative architectural block on the corner of Calle 90 with Carrera 11. Here you’ll find restaurants like Cacio e Pepe, Gamberro, Local by Rausch, Black Bear, Luzía, Juana La Loca, Osaki and Toshiro.

Picnic by Canasto
There’s nothing like laying out a blanket on the grass, in the shade, and relaxing with a few nibbles from Canasto Picnic Bistró that packs healthy salads and sandwiches in a picnic basket for you to take into the park to enjoy.

You scream
Their mouth-watering – preservative-free – artisan ice cream and popsicles are so delicious that people will line up to satisfy their cravings for a taste of La Palettería and Michelle’s treats.

Flower Power
Colorful, exotic flowers of all different forms, shapes and shades are incredibly striking (and the sales don’t stop), which is why this has become a hotspot for shooting photos and films.

This happy terrace serves all-natural food, has an excellent ‘menú del día’ made with the freshest local ingredients, as well as juices and energizing snacks (and ask about their regular juicing and smoothie workshops).