Subasta de Arte a favor de La Fundación Pescador de Letras

Going once, going twice, and it’s gone to the Fundación Pescador de Letras.

Organized by Lure Media and Galería Beta, the April 3 fund-raising auction saw works from Tot, DJLU, Pedro Ruiz, Chirrete Golden, Sair García and many others go under the hammer in front of an audience that included the great and the good of the city’s art world.
Fundación Pescador de Letras works within a disadvantaged community in Cartagena offering education for 120 children aged 3-12 as well as sporting activities and social development programs.

Lure Media boss, Boris Kruijssen kicked off proceedings by thanking all of those involved and speaking a bit about the children who the foundation works with. He handed over to the Dutch Ambassador Jeroen Roodenburg who spoke of visiting them in Cartagena. “I saw lots of smiles on the faces of these children… because of this foundation, they have a future,” he said.

Alejandra Spicker, who runs the foundation stressed that their work extends further than 120 children, she believes that they work for 120 families. She added, “We transform their point of view.”

Guests, who may have been uneasy entering an unfinished building of Hitos Urbanos, were reassured by the warm welcome and free-flowing beer from Cerveza Colón, whiskey and cocktails by the very recognized brand Buchanan’s, and some tea and sodas from Postobón and Agua Vivante.

The warehouse feel transported guests to a grungy art environment without making them travel further than Calle 90. Curated by Galería Beta’s Daniela Camero Rosso, the urban art was right at home against the concrete walls.

As it was not your ordinary evening, it was not so surprising to find some not-so-ordinary canapes doing the rounds, courtesy of 5 Sentidos Catering, Masa and Lab Cocina.

Bidding started slowly in the unused fourth-floor venue. The first couple of pieces sold for just over one million pesos with bidding warming up to well over the two million mark by lot eight or nine. In fact, Chirrete Golden’s electric milk carton (lot 11) went for COP$3.7 million, well over the starting price of COP$2.5 million.

The paddles – themselves works of art – bobbed to the tune of auctioneer Eduardo Salazar Yusti, who coaxed the prices upwards, urging the buyers to drink more whiskey and even throwing in some of his own cash at points.

In spite of the competition for certain pieces, the warmth between the bidders was palpable. The art aficionados shook hands and congratulated one another even after nudging those bids up another couple of hundred pesos.

My favorite piece, Pedro Ruiz’s ‘Desplazamiento’ – depicting an indigenous helmsman who stands tall as a wave of crimson poppy-butterflies erupts from the back of his canoe – sold for COP$7 million pesos.

To paraphrase the first piece of work to go on the block – Juan Uribe’s “Art always imitates famous pretentious art” – I’d say that whatever it imitates, quality art always sells well for a good cause.

Galleries and artists involved: Galería Beta, SGR Galería, Doce Cero Cero Galería, Elvira Moreno Galería, Galería LGM, Proyecto Zeta, Sketch Gallery, Nicolás Beltrán, Joan Casas, Natalia Castillo, Chirrete Golden, Santiago Cubides, Luciano Denver, Diego Díaz, DJLU Juegasiempre, Erre, Sair García, Edgar Jiménez, Paula Licona, Alejandro Londoño, Guillermo Marconi, Laura Mora, Larry Muñoz, Andrés Ribero, Carolina Rojas, Adriana Rosell, Pedro Ruiz, Mauricio Salcedo, Tot, Toxicómano Callejero, Juan Uribe, Yedos Draws and Mateo Zúniga.

Por: Emma Newbery