Staying true to a family tradition and Colombia’s legacy of handcrafts, Verdi is the first artisanal design and textile studio to combine natural fibers with metals to create interior design pieces, fashion and art. Using materials that range from alpaca wool, fique, plantain fiber and yaré fibres to copper, steel and silver, Verdi has reinvented traditions to create a wide offering of carpets, curtains, pillows, handbags and works of art which are now displayed and sold in various cities around the world. Pay a visit to the workshop and take home a luxurious item steeped in history and Colombian talent.

Credit photos: Verdi Design

Salitre, Taller / Showroom: Carrera 69P No. 78-67
Calle de Los Anticuarios, St. Dom: Calle 79B No. 8-40
(+57 1) 722 6723  (+57) 350 811 2884

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