The flavors of San Felipe

The San Felipe district is not only an epicenter of contemporary art, it’s also a new gastronomic destination that offers visitors the possibility to mix art and food. Take a break from the exhibitions of this art-focused week to satisfy your palate. Don’t miss the aged meat and oven pizzas of Chichería Demente; the traditional yet little known flavors of our country in Restaurante Vasto; and the sour dough pizzas and lasagne of La Cafetería del Barrio. They are the perfect finish to a culture-filled day.

Chichería Demente: Barrio La Concepción, Calle 69 No. 15-08  insatgram logo   facebook logo

Restaurante Vasto: Barrio San Felipe, Calle 74A No. 20C- 59  insatgram logo   facebook logo

La Cafetería del Barrio: Barrio San Felipe, Calle 75 No. 20C-89  insatgram logo   facebook logo