Specializing in leather goods, Adriana Tavera is one of Colombia’s most versatile designers. Her shop, opened in 1999, offers everything from dresses to original handmade design pieces that reflect her dedication to Colombian design. Leather baskets with a ‘caña flecha’ detail from the indigenous Sinú group in Córdoba, and leather earrings using beads from the Embera Katio people in Chocó, are both examples of how she mixes traditional crafts into her beautiful work. Her eye for using the unexpected in her designs, bags and outfits ( found at Rosé boutique) never fail to surprise.

Zona Norte,  Calle 119B No. 5-54
(+57 1) 213 3056
Zona Rosa, Avenida 82 No. 12-22
(+57 1) 704 7675
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