ARTBO 2018

This year, Latin America’s most important cultural exchange took place between October 25 and 28, with the 14thedition of Bogotá’s International Art Fair bringing together a selection of 70 renowned, up-and-coming and contemporary galleries from Colombia and abroad.

More than 600 gallery owners, curators, artists and visitors came together for one of the continent’s largest platforms for the commercialization and exchange of artistic talent, with an attendance of 35.000 visitors.

This time around, ARTBO looks to spread its wings for much more than just a few days, with the inclusion of ARTBO Weekend, an event which will promote the circulation of art through a dedicated, free program, set to take place in May 2019.

ARTBO | Salas is one of the other novelties on offer. Head to Calle 67 No.8-32, 1stfloor, for a look at exhibitions and showcases with a focus on independent curation. ARTBO | Tutor looks to provide an educational program for emerging artists.

For 14 years now, ARTBO, the brainchild of Bogotá’s Chamber of Commerce, has understood the importance of cultural and creative industries, always seeking to strengthen the country’s art sector. Furthermore, the country’s largest art fair promotes initiatives, exhibitions and projects which join together a number of different people from various corners of the cultural world.