ARTBO – Fin de Semana

The weekend of May 19 saw the first version of ARTBO – Fin de Semana, an initiative from the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce which aims to create a new cultural offering that differs from October’s famed international art fair.

The idea is based on the international Gallery Weekend model which takes place in cities like Berlin, Madrid, Sao Paulo, New York and Mexico City, and it brought together a whole host of curators, artists and the general public for a series of exhibitions that were made up of tours of different areas of the city: San Felipe, Chapinero-Norte y Macarena-Centro.

A total of 42 spaces, among them museums, galleries, foundations and institutions, opened their doors for free, allowing visitors to get acquainted with paintings, sculptures and photographs from local and international artists.

Each of the routes included free transport between the participating venues, while many of the visitors chose to get around by bike.