Artesanías de Colombia

Why not return home with the best this country (that’s full of magic, stories and traditions) has to offer? This unique heritage is passed down through its arts and crafts; hammocks, ‘mochila’ bags, ‘sombreros vueltiaos’, ‘iraca’ hats, ‘werregue’ baskets, and ‘guacamaya’-style fruit baskets all display the trades and techniques that preserve Colombia’s cultural legacy. These unique products, handmade by craftsmen from across the country – from La Guajira in the north, to Amazonas in the south – are worthy of admiration. Artesanías de Colombia is the artisan store that inspires people to “think beautifully, speak beautifully, weave beautifully”. – Hugo Jamioy, Kamenstá tribe

Zona Rosa, Calle 86A No. 13A-10
(+57 1) 691 7149
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