Bendita Seas

This unique Colombian clothing brand offers a fun, urban experience which mixes contemporary styles with retro touches. Inspired by women who are “blessed among the rest” and created by advertising executive Viviana Alba, these collections are revered by women looking to highlight their personality and originality. As a result of its energetic designs and eclectic style which fuses textures, colors and prints, Bendita Seas was one of the standout performers at Bogotá Fashion Week. Head to one of the stores, enjoy a special experience and awaken a passion for fashion created with love, fervor and creativity.

Salitre, C.C. Plaza Claro, Local 2-40
(+57 1) 744 6338
C.C. Titán Plaza, Local 261
(+57 1) 753 1193
Zona Rosa, C.C. El Retiro, Local 125
(+57 1) 376 4065
Zona Norte, C.C. Santa Ana, Local 109
(+57 1) 637 8544

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