Bogotá is in your dna

Bogotá is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city which is attracting more and more tourists, thanks to its architecture, cultural calendar and culinary offerings. If you’ve got a Visa Platinum, Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card, you can explore the city in your own way and also take advantage of a number of exclusive benefits to enjoy Bogotá on a whole different level.

Discover the flavors of the capital with the help of Visa Concierge, a personal assistant who will recommend the best local and international restaurants. Get mesmerized by the magic of the historic center and the English style architecture of the city’s traditional neighborhoods. Capture all the best angles with a camera bought with your Visa, safe in the knowledge that you are protected in the case of accidental damage. Stop in on the design stores, pick up souvenirs for your family, and earn miles with every transaction on your card. What’s more, if you need a bit of extra time to pack or relax in your hotel, take advantage of Visa Hotel Luxury Collection’s late checkout option.

Make your visit to Bogotá an unforgettable experience, thanks to Visa, which offers you benefits which are as unique as your DNA.

Photo credit: Visa