A space bursting with experiences in the heart of the Bogotá Art District, which will inspire you to bring all your ideas to life.

The San Felipe neighborhood has become one of the preferred haunts for Bogotá’s art and culture enthusiasts. In the midst of all the exhibitions, galleries, workshops, restaurants and cafés, a new cultural concept has opened its doors, inspiring creativity with unique experiences and an exceptional artistic atmosphere. Welcome to the world of Casa 73-22.

Casa 73-22, a place for ideas

Lure Media Group’s latest project offers you the ideal setting in which to develop your own projects. Casa 73-22 has spaces ranging from 10 to 32 m2, so that entrepreneurs, start-ups and creative individuals can set up offices, co-working spaces, showrooms or workshops, while at the same time benefitting from close contact with the artistic community of the Bogotá Art District.

The house includes social areas which are open to the public, such as the inner patio, ideal for offering unique experiences, corporate events, cocktails, secret dinners, culinary tastings, book launches, conferences, launch events, exhibitions and private events, in a creative setting and with the constant flow of people on the hunt for artistic and creative experiences and unique start-ups.

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If you are looking for an office or co-working space, please contact us.
(+57) 300 469 3556

A corner bursting with stories

Casa 73-22 is rife with experiences, one of which is Ábaco Libros y Café, a replica of the renowned library set inside Cartagena’s Historic Center, founded by María Elsa Gutiérrez 18 years ago as a melting pot of literature and quality coffee.

With Ábaco’s arrival in the capital comes the return to San Felipe of one of its dearest children. María Elsa grew up in one of the houses with a large front lawn which characterize the neighborhood and which have, over the past few years, attracted artists from across the country with their charming architecture. This bogotana has returned to the city to make up part of the area’s growing cultural movement, offering visitors a homely location in which to enjoy the aroma of freshly ground coffee and the stories oozing out of its bookshelves.

Very soon, residents of the capital will be able to enjoy Ábaco Libros y Café, a corner of the city where music, coffee and literature fuse together to offer you endless inspiring moments.

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