Cocktails in the best hotels in Bogotá

A good cocktail menu needs to offer a mix of classics along with signature mixes – it should be subtle, balanced, refreshing and presented in an elegant, but also innovative way. We distil the essence of the most prestigious menus in Bogotá.

Hotel Hilton Bogotá: Sky 15 RoofTop

The team of bartenders who created the menu at Sky 15 RoofTop were inspired by the majestic panoramic view of the Eastern hills of the city and the flavors, colors and aromas of Colombian fruits. Each one is made with high-end liquors, perfect to enjoy in the After Office space that takes place every Thursday. The great atmosphere and exceptional service will make you want to come back. Refresh yourself with a Caribbean Dreams infusion, or an Elevation where passion fruit is the star of the show.

Zona G, Carrera 7 No.72-41
(+57 1) 600 6100


The Click Clack Hotel: Boticario

The ingenious and creative team of Boticario have reimagined the cocktails that you thought you knew to offer you some very particular preparations; these are liquid experiences which evoke great artists and that carry the distinctive singularity that is characteristic of The Click Clack Hotel.

When we speak of Colombian writers, for example, it is impossible to avoid mentioning the highest representative: Gabriel García Márquez. Boticario interprets this icon of literature, offering you a composition made with gin, an infusion of mango biche, ginger syrup and tahiti limes. It comes in a ceramic nest with a mango biche and dried fruit garnish. Other artistic potions on offer include Pollock (rum + orange + dark chocolate) or Borges (tequila + ginger beer + tamarind chipotle).

Parque de la 93, Carrera 11 No. 93-77
(+57 1) 743 0404


B·O·G· Hotel

The cocktails in B·O·G· hotel are like new experiences. They follow the same concept as their culinary offer: fresh, healthy and refreshing ingredients. Their bartender, Camilo Salgado wants to revive the origins of Colombia through these creations, using premium liquors and characteristic local fruits such as gulupa, curuba and mango. Make a plan to enjoy his Gulupa Gin (Premium gin + amazon gulupa + ginger + agave honey), his Piñela (extract of pineapple + syrup + lemon juice + mint + aged tequila) or his Lulalda (aged rum + lulo + agave honey + ginger + tajin (Mexican spices)). Check out the lightness of his preparations while you enjoy their great location.

Parque El Virrey, Carrera 11 No. 86-74
(+57 1) 639 99 99