Taste of independence

This neighborhood is really promoting local flavor and a group of innovative and independent brands is on the rise in Chapinero Alto to help do this.
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Between Calles 66 and 54, up from Carrera Séptima, along Carrera 3 and 4, lots of little places have conquered the steep streets of this area with its original culinary offerings. Old residential houses are home to fun places. Those that have opened their doors here have a unique quality that characterizes them, all sharing the principle of supporting national industry, working by tradition.

Taller de Té
A tea temple in the remodeled garage of a 1940s house. Relax while you learn about the ancient culture behind tea, test it and take some home with you.

Statua Rota
This hip microbrewery makes a marked difference in taste with beers that are full of character.

Orso Heladería
Original, Italian-style ice cream parlor featuring homemade, creamy recipes with flavors like cinnamon, Chocoramo, ‘amarena’ yogurt and crème brûlée.

Delicious breads prepared by hand, fresh out of the oven. Enjoy excellent breakfasts, soups, salads, sand- wiches and other ever-tempting baked goods.

More recommendations? The pizzas fresh out of a wood-fired oven at Indio; Mini-Mal’s biodiverse fare; the corn flour recipes by Arepas La Reina; Hippie’s healthy and spiritually-rich cuisine, and BioPlaza’s organic market along Calle 65.