Crepes & Waffles

An emblematic brand throughout the country. Their sweet and savory crepes, exquisite salads, bread bowls, soups, artisanal ice creams, desserts, waffles and cold and hot drinks are now a firm part of the Colombian culinary landscape. On top of that, Crepes & Waffles is also renowned for being a company dedicated to social responsibility. They exclusively hire women – the majority of whom are heads of their households – and work in partnership with farmers from across the country. For an honest, high-quality gastronomic experience, look no further than one of its numerous restaurants.

Zona Norte, Calle 140 No. 11-45, Piso 10
(+57 1) 676 7600
Zona Rosa, Carrera 12A No. 83-40 (Zona T)
Parque de La 93, Calle 93B No. 12-10
Salitre, Avenida Carrera 24 No. 52-2 (Avenida La Esperanza)

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