A cultural oasis


Before the Spanish landed on Colombian shores, the chief of the Chibcha tribe would make the journey from Funza to his dwelling in the area known as Teusaca for some rest and relaxation. Centuries later, this very spot saw the city’s most affluent families settle, as they left a fast-paced and busy historic center in search of a more peaceful life.

Destined to be synonymous with pleasure, Teusaquillo continues to offer visitors plenty of enjoyment and intrigue, not only due to its imposing English-style houses, beautiful gardens and spacious walking paths, but also for everything that goes on here in terms of art, culture and gastronomy. These are just some of Lure’s recommendations should you happen to pass by.

Park Way runs between Calles 39 and 45 in the La Soledad neighborhood. It is a charming and tranquil stretch of greenery set in the shade of Chinese ash trees, where creativity and culture flow out of quaint cafés, bookstores, restaurants and theaters that line the boulevard.

Among the numerous places to visit, you might want to try the Virgilio Barco public library, the Jorge Eliécer Gaitán museum, the national periodicals library, the aquatic complex and the Simón Bolívar park, known as the ‘city’s lungs’.

This is the city’s theatrical heartland, with the Casa del Teatro Nacional, home to Bogotá’s Ibero-American Theater Festival, as well as Casa Ensamble, a cultural center with four theaters offering permanent and rotating shows as well as a resto-bar, where you can sip on a glass of wine between shows.

Cervecería Statua Rota mixes two of life’s great pleasures: meat and craft beer. Cocina Zur will take you on a journey south with an Argentinean grill or Chilean sweetcorn pie. If you’re on a health drive, then be sure to put La Despensa on your list.