Bogotá, a city to live

At 3,152 meters above sea level, the vast panoramic view from the vantage point atop the Monserrate mountain stretches out almost to infinity. It is something of a prophetic proclamation of all that Bogotá has to offer. The endless opportunities begin at the foot of the mountain, where history oozes out of every corner and cobblestone of the center and its colonial architecture; and they continue throughout the vibrant city.

Bringing together Bogotá’s greatest treasures, this eighth edition of Lure City Guide aims to imbue you with the magic of this constantly evolving metropolis, with its vast local and international culinary offerings, first-class shopping malls, alluring tourist destinations, natural landscapes and all you need for a great night out, packed into our handy, luxury guide.

Immerse yourself in each of the city’s neighborhoods and explore what makes them truly special. They will all provide you with lasting memories and inspire you to return to the Colombian capital time and again.

Every single page of this guide promises you a remarkable place, meal, experience or truly unforgettable story to tell, so let us join you on your journey.

Welcome to Bogotá.