As you wander the streets of Quinta Camacho, you’ll be surrounded by red brick façades and classic sloping roofs, reminiscent of old English mansions. This neighborhood, which was the city’s most exclusive residential area in the 1930s, is now home to restaurants, art and design stores, bars and theaters, all the while retaining its alluring architectural charm.

The culinary offering stretches as far as the Zona G, which gives visitors the chance to take a gastronomic journey around the world, with a wide range of Peruvian, Italian, French, Spanish, Asian and, of course, Colombian restaurants. 

For its part, Chapinero Alto mixes the charming tranquility of a residential neighborhood with its vicinity to the capital’s main areas, while hotels, gyms, banks, malls, nightlife options and supermarkets abound. Here, everything is literally around the corner.