This company was born 10 years ago, out of the passion of a mother and her two daughters. They visited gastronomy fairs, designed gourmet journeys and experimented with family flavors that had been passed down through the generations. Pay a visit to the tea room to be enchanted by flavors which pay homage to the Mayan goddess of cacao, Ixcacau. There’s a range of macaroons, handmade chocolates, cookies, desserts, cakes, loose-leaf tea and light snacks. Plus their signature afternoon tea, all served in a setting that is bursting with colors and alluring aromas.

Zona G, Calle 70 No. 9-83
(+57 1) 321 7434 / 322 1604

Zona Rosa,  C.C. Andino, Piso 4, Local K1
(+57) 317 438 5532

Zona Norte, C.C. Parque La Colina, Piso 1,  Módulo 101A
(+57) 315 266 1768
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