Jewelry in all its glory

Colombian-made jewelry is recognized worldwide thanks to the range of materials and designs inspired by our cultural and ethnic wealth. Brands like LA Cano, which reinterprets Pre-Columbian art, Bibi Marini’s revival of knitting techniques and Mallarino’s homage to Mompox filigree, have all placed their unique marks on an industry which has managed to attract envious gazes from even the most demanding of buyers.

Alma Joyería has immortalized the beauty of orchids and other Colombian floral treasures, while Aysha Bilgrami has fused the best of Colombian and Pakistani roots to create veritable works of art. Joyerías Schumacher and Joyería Bauer ooze tradition, while the fun and fresh characteristics are what define Daniela Salcedo and Senda Nelly Rojas’s designs. And anyone keen on geometry and architecture should be sure to check out Carolina Méndez, Tulena Jewelry and Carolina Alba, while those wanting to connect with their artistic side should look no further than Freywille.