The All-New Lure City Guide Bogotá Volume 6

We’re very proud and pleased to present you with the newest-of-the-new in the city, in-the-know info on gastronomy, fashion, art and culture; and expert photography that will inspire both locals and visitors alike to explore each and every corner of the capital. This – and so much more – is in the most current edition of Lure City Guide Bogotá, Vol. 6, which is circulating across the country (and beyond) as we speak.

The publication also provides maps, places and plans to get up to in each of the hottest areas of the city, as well as interviews with some of Colombia’s most prominent personalities; plus, there are contact details and everything else you need to enjoy your stay here, at 2,600 meters closer to the stars.

Find your very own copy of the new guide at all the places that you see on our pages and pages full of recommendations: luxury hotels, designer boutiques like Bettina Spitz, Olga Piedrahita and Casa Santamaría (among many others), as well as at ‘the’ bakeries like Masa, Eric Kayser and La Cesta. So, if you’re there for a cup of real Colombian coffee, keep an eye out for Lure City Guide Bogotá Vol. 6 that’s on display for you to take home.

Librería Lerner and La Madriguera del Conejo, of course, also carry our guide; or check out for a copy. You can also find all of our recommendations online at our webpage: