In these trying times, a number of brands have brought out the best of their creativity in order to keep offering you their best experiences. Gastronomy, culture and design are more alive than ever and you are just a few clicks away from enjoying them at their best.

Thanks to mobile apps, you don’t have to miss out on culinary offerings like those of Masa, which is offering free delivery and a special bread sale on Wednesdays and Saturdays; La Cesta offers you the chance to help those more vulnerable than you with its solidarity menu; Myriam Camhi encourages you to turn daily meals into truly special moments with its Family Meals; Insurgentes Tortillas y Tianguis will deliver their famed, freshly-made tortillas, while Orso Heladería invites you to spend the quarantine in the company of their ice cream’s sumptuous flavors.

On other channels Canasto Pinic Bistró, Sánchez Cervecería Artesanal and La Folie remain open in order to satisfy all your cravings.

But the options don’t stop there. If you want to please your palate with different flavors, Takuma Cocina Show offers you any of its dishes via its website, while Café Bar Universal is available through Uber Eats or direct sales. If you live in La Macarena, Chapinero or nearby, you can order pizza from Anna y Otto or the famed tapas of La Taperia, which does its own deliveries. You can also ‘do it yourself’ at home, thanks to Chichería Demente’s aged meats and organic vegetables. If you’re in Cartagena, Tokio D Lima has a special express menu, which you can order via WhatsApp.

There’s plenty to choose from for dessert. Serge Thiry and Ixcacau’s chocolates, Banana Bread’s cakes and the unmistakable stroopwafels of Holandinas all do deliveries through their websites or by contacting them on social media. Don’t forget that you thoroughly deserve a moment of respite, so treat yourself to a cold beer from Cervecería Colón.

If you want to use the quarantine to acquire some new skills, Mallplaza Cartagena will inspire you with recipes and handicrafts and beauty tutorials which you can find on its profile.

Culture and design are also unstoppable during these days of quarantine. Stores are reinventing themselves to offer exclusive content on their social media accounts. Bodytech is offering live nutrition, exercise and cooking classes, while Artesanías de Colombia has a number of different virtual workshops.

To keep your spirits high and continue enjoying the best of Colombian design, pay a visit to the accounts of Bendita Seas, St. Dom and Galería La Cometa, which has launched #LaCometaEnCasa, a campaign inviting collectors to take photos of the works of art they have picked up at the gallery. If you want to do some online shopping, Bibi Marini, Azulu, Mapliano and Ábaco Libros y Café are doing online sales.
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