The Fashion BOOM

Colombia is a country that not only exports coffee and flowers, but fashion too, thanks to the tireless work of acclaimed designers like Pepa Pombo, Johanna Ortiz and Silvia Tcherassi, who have paved the way for a whole host of Colombian fashionistas to make their mark on shop windows and catwalks across the world.

Immerse yourself in local talent by getting acquainted with designs by Kika Vargas, Daniella Batlle, Laura Aparicio, Jorge Duque and Maison Alma. Men’s fashion is in the hands of Mario Hernandez, Lina Cantillo and Ricardo Pava; while Bibi Marini is the go-to name for jewelry. For knitwear check out A New Cross and Adriana Santacruz, and pay a visit to Entreaguas, Martín Pescador and Agua Bendita for the best in bathing suits.

The search for innovative accessories that also pay attention to detail can be seen in each of the designs by Wonder for People, Gal vs Buck’s shoes, as well as the handbags by Baletti, Ballen Pellettiere, Mapliano and Carlota.

These brands, brimming with originality and charged with the immense riches of our country, have managed to cross borders and make their names as the new ambassadors of Colombian fashion. We’ve only named a few of them; make it your mission to discover them all.