Wake up to the sound of birdsong in the midst of the imposing Andes mountains, surrounded by nature reserves, where you can breathe in plenty of fresh air. This is the experience that awaits you at El Mønte Teepee Hostel, a glamping site about an hour from Bogotá, with two accommodation options: the Lotus Tent, a cozy lotus flower-shaped tent and the Teepee, a Native American-inspired tent. The site also includes a restaurant, bar, sauna, hot tub and traditional Mexican steam bath, or temazcal, all of which combine to create a revitalizing natural refuge for a thoroughly relaxing stay.

Photo credit: El Monte Teepee Hostel

Guasca, Vereda Santa Lucía, Finca Las Hortensias, Cundinamarca
(+57) 314 245 0538 / 317 679 6783

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