Here are the latest culinary offerings that can’t be missed, as well as tailor-made design concepts that you simply have to see.

Conde Cantina, contemporary Mexican-inspired cuisine

The perfect setting for a spot of modern Mexican cuisine and some delicious and unique cocktails. The concept for this casual and relaxed venue was born in Mexico, in the midst of a hunt for flavors, which was followed by a lengthy investigation, delving deep into ingredients, tastes and local trends, giving life to the mouthwatering menu. Among the recommended dishes are the tuna toast, blistered chilies, pulled pork ravioli and the seafood stew. Be sure to try the Ambar cocktail, made using beer and mescal.

Zona Rosa, Carrera 9 No. 79A-26

+57v 1 805 1535


Mapliano, homage to design

Constantly playing with colors, forms and textures, this Colombo-Italian brand’s urban and sophisticated designs are characterized by clean, discrete lines and have taken plenty of inspiration from architecture. Each one of the elegant purses, handbags and clutches is handmade using the finest Italian leather. Be sure to make an appointment and prepare to fall head over heels for their creations.

Parque de la 93, Calle 95 No.9-80

(+57) 311 481 9599


Gitane, El Retiro’s new Mediterranean offering

The luxurious GHL Bioxury hotel is the perfect setting for Gitane, a new Mediterranean restaurant, taking influence from Greek, Turkish, Lebanese and Italian cuisine. This is not just a great spot for lunch, but the ideal location to spend the afternoon with a delicious sangria. A few highlights of the international offering are the Arabic meze with kibbe, dolma, labneh, hummus, falafel and olives, the pizzas, the lamb cutlets with orzo and almonds, and the bowls and salads.

El Retiro, Zona Rosa, Calle 83 No. 9-48

+57 1 744 2829


Interiority, “spaces made to measure”

Interiority is a new community dedicated to creating tailor-made spaces, based on your ideas and creative influences. With a modern, contemporary style, the concept allows you to play with colors, textures and trends to renovate your spaces. Make your dream project a reality with a stunning selection of fabrics, blinds, wallpapers, furniture, rugs and decorative accessories.

Zona Norte, Calle 109 No. 17a-45

(+57) 316 279 3483


Selva Nevada ice cream, now on Calle 90

Who could forget the first time they tried Selva Nevada’s corozo, gulupa, azaí, camu camu, guava / zapote ice creams? These artisanal offerings are produced using a variety of Colombia’s local fruits, each of which is 100% natural and sustainably grown by communities of small producers. Selva Nevada has now opened a new location on Calle 90, with the aim of continuing to feed Colombia with its most delicious fruits.

Parque el Virrey, Calle 90 No.11A-26
+57 1 540 0010