Reinventing the traditional concept of the Italian neighborhood gelateria, Orso has spent the last four years winning over residents of the capital with a variety of flavors. By experimenting with classic techniques and local ingredients, they’ve created some unusual offerings such as cheese and guava jelly, caramel cookie dough and salted arequipe, as well as Italian classics Stracciatella, Kinder Surprise and yogurt with Amarena cherry. Its four stores also serve up vegan options, from peanut butter and jam to gulupa, lulo and coconut lemonade, offering refreshing and unique experiences, whatever the flavor.

Zona Norte, Calle 117 No. 6A-60
(+57 1) 466 1580
Zona G, Calle 66 No. 4A-08
(+57 1) 749 8527
Zona Rosa, Carrera 9 No. 81A-19
(+57 1) 731 4136
Parque de La 93, Carrera 11A No. 93-94
(+57 1) 703 8795
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