Imagine opening a simple box of chocolates to find a bunch of delights that are as perfect as gems. Serge Thiry is a Belgian chocolatier who came to the country with a mission to delight Colombians with a range of colorful, hand-painted chocolates, filled with fruit, liquor or caramel, as well as irresistible crunchy truffles with a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth center. Discover the joys of the world’s best chocolate, made using Colombian cacao, which is sure to blow you away with its diverse and nuanced aromas. These chocolates are the sweetest way to show your family, friends or loved ones how much you care.

Parque el Virrey, Calle 90 No. 13-44
(+57 1) 466 0126
Galerías, Carrera 17 No. 53-28
(+57 1) 248 1927
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