A Gastronomic Journey in Bogotá: French Food

For centuries, France has been the gastronomic leader in the Western World. Why is that? French people know the principles: a meal consists of three or four courses, starter, main course and dessert with sometimes cheese for dessert. The emphasis lies on proteins, meat, fish or eggs. Sauces determine the taste and butter and cream play an important role.


The European kitchens of the late middleages and renaissance didn’t have any specific regional peculiarities: the rich people mainly ate meat and fish, flavored by expensive spices and sugar. France, which became one of the first European kingdoms to be a centralized unit, developed its own culinary lexicon as the first country in the 17th century. The aristrocrats considered food just like architecture and fashion as a meaningful element to show wealth. This interest was expressed in money – call it research and development – and it yielded inventions such as the ‘roux’ for binding sauces, and the mayonnaise. From the 17th century France became a political and culinary example for other European countries. Imitation of the ‘haute cuisine’ by rich citizens of other countries, ensured that the importance of the kitchen became part of the growing self-awareness of the French nation.


From the end of the 18th century, the new ‘restaurant’ phenomenon made gastronomy democratically accessible to everyone who had money. Throughout the centuries the French society was convinced from top to bottom that their kitchen was the best in the world. That arrogance created obligations; French regard food as part of their national identity, as something that deserves attention and money.



The French cuisine has a significant meaning in Bogotá as well. You can find several restaurants  throughout the city. Bagatelle and Eric Kayser are famous for their bread and deserts. Try for example Marie-Antoinette in Bagatelle. A tasty pink macron stuffed with a lyche and finished with a rose leaf and some sprinkles of gold.

At Eric Kayser you can depend on excellent service here at any time of day, so come try an authentic croissant or baguette, freshly-baked artisan bread; or choose between a pistachio, chocolate or coffee éclair. Every recipe out of the oven is an absolute delight.


The famous Rausch brothers created Bistronomy by Rausch to offer their high-end gastronomical experience at attractive prices, ideal for any occasion. The chefs use top ingredients to create French dishes that appeal both to the eye and the palate. On the menu you’ll find favorites such as grilled salmon with asparagus and ‘romesco’ sauce, duck confit with fruits of the forest sauce, or the black fettuccini with prawns in a white wine sauce.




Zona G, Diagonal 70 No. 4A-98  (+57 1) 310 4469
Zona Rosa, Calle 82 No. 9-09  (+57 1) 621 2614
Parque de la 93, Carrera 11A No. 94-45  (+57 1) 256 1619
Zona Norte, Calle 109 No. 18-09  (+57 1) 637 2216
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Eric Kayser

Zona G, Diagonal 70A No. 4-99  (+57 1) 235 3157
Zona Rosa, Calle 81 No. 9-85  (+57 1) 300 0743
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Bistronomy by Rausch

Zona G, Calle 70 No. 6-37  (+57 1) 313 1196 
Zona Norte, Carrera 6 No. 119-24  (+57 1) 629 2591
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